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Getting started in Naraka Bladepoint tips and how to counter guide

If you haven't tried Naraka Bladepoint, it's out on Steam as of last week, and pits 60 players (alone or in teams of three) against each other in a shrinking battle royale arena. Although there are guns, they're clunky, and the focus on melee weapon combos, magic abilities, and Assassin's Creed-like climbing combined with zippy grappling hooks. It took some warming up to, but it's fun.

The game features plenty of weapons for players to check out, with a lot of emphasis on feudal Japan, there’s some amazing combinations players can use.But, during a battle with an enemy, you’re going to want to use certain mechanics such as countering to get the upper hand on your opposition.

Getting started in Naraka: Bladepoint

  •     Play the tutorial. It'll show you the basics of movement, comboing, and countering. Don't worry if you're confused on a few points when you're done, that's normal.
  •     Look through the Narakapedia. You can find this in the game menu accessible at the top right (the gear icon) or by clicking the ? icon up there. It's full of stuff you'll want to know about that the tutorial doesn't teach you.
  •     Try the training mode. It's in the mode select menu, which you reach by clicking the button above "Start" on the main menu. Suggestion: Press F4 to open the training menu, set the bot mode to parry training with a certain weapon, and turn combat on. It'll come at you with blue strikes so you can find the timing for counters (left mouse + right mouse). You won't die if your health depletes, so don't worry about that.
  •     Play your first match. Set matchmaking to The Herald's Trial and jump into your first game to fight... bots. Your first match won't be a real one as Naraka: Bladepoint tries to ease you into the experience. It'll start matching you with real players after you play a game or two with bots, though, so it's just a rite of passage.

In Naraka: Bladepoint there are two types of weapons, melee and ranged. Melee weapons can perform standard attacks or focus attacks. Standard attacks will not produce any visual effect while focus attacks will create a blow glow on the character.

How to Block, Parry, and Counter in Naraka Bladepoint?

  •     To block, counter and parry you will have to wait for a blue glowing outline to appear around the character during a fight sequence.
  •     Once this happens, you will be able to perform your block, counter and parry ability.
  •     To perform the block, counter and parry ability click on the left and right mouse button simultaneously on PC platform.
  •     For the PS platform you will have to click the R1 and R2 buttons in quick succession.
  •     Once you do this, your character will first block the enemy attack.
  •     Next, you will be able to parry and counter your opponents attacks.
  •     After this you will be able to stun your enemies and even disarm them using the block, counter and parry ability in Naraka Bladepoint.

There are currently seven confirmed Naraka Bladepoint characters available to choose from: Viper Ning, Temulch, Matari, Tarka Ji, Kurumi, Yoto Hime, and Tianhai. Onmyouji's Yoto Hime is a pre-order bonus character, and more new characters may be revealed after the game's release. Each characters owns different characters skins, if you want to buy Naraka Bladepoint Items, you can also find them here at Z2U.COM, including Crimson Yoto, Ceremonial Blade, Ivorius, Divine Charioteer and more! Purchase now with cheapest price and instant delivery!

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